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Welcome to the San Marino Public Library Foundation homepage

Supporting the library since 1995

Heading 3

City Librarian Irene McDermott is retiring!

The San Marino Public Library Foundation will be honoring Irene for her
dedication and hard work with a donation toward the library collection. 
Each new addition to the collection will have a custom bookplate
honoring Irene for her library service to the San Marino community. 

We invite you to join us with your donation.

Thank you for joining us for Trivia Night Fever.
We hope you had a great time.  See you in the library soon.
Proceeds support the Crowell Public Library.


Platinum Level

Tina Siu, DDS and Winston Chee, DDS / Lois Derry

Don and Gabriela Crowell / Mary Hsu / In Honor of Andrew King

Gold Level

Susan and Thomas Maxwell / Debra and Alfredo Sadun

Linda Hui and Hal Suetsugu / Alan Chen and Yvonne Cheng

Silver Level

Jim and Julie Barbour / Team Janice Lee / Lora O. Smith

English with Mary 91108 / Lisa and David Wang

Chinese American Cancer Foundation

Bronze Level

Wendy and Jay Wintrob / Anne Blecksmith and Pierpaolo Granata / The Chon Family

Kyle and Qing Duncan / Judith M. Henderson / Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Mike Romey

Diane Lam and David Omori / Michael and Alexandra Brousseau / Jennifer Chen and Eric Chang Alison and Erik Moller / Po-Chi Lin / Paul and Sue Kim / The UPS Store

Michael and Linda Tang / Michael and Liz Hollingsworth / Anonymous / Steve and Karla Domier Jasmin and Tony Tsai / Wendy Hsu and Calvin Lo / Gloria and Victor Wong

Michelle Wang and David Chen / Lisa and David Link

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger / Nancy Lee and Stephen Ma

Lucy Zhang, Yu Hu and Mei Zhang / Luyi Khasi and Shawn Chou


Rary Simmons / Susan Josenhans / William and Barbara Hanna

John and Mary Erickson / Jane Chon / Anna Regalado

David and Monica Walsh / Paul and Annie Brassard / Anna Ganahi

Emily Wong / Denise Grab / Emile J. and Lyle M. Bayle / Perry and Terri Sheafor

TieuMy Nguyen / Joyce Lin / Sandra Chen / Jennifer Kang / Anne Falk

Joyce Li / Taylor Sadun / Eve Wang / Jeanie Caldwell

Arax Mansourian / Susan Brauneiss / Parul Rastogi

Christine and Ken Bender / Nicholas and Maria Kokoris / Madhu Agarwal

Richard and Carolyn George / Martha McInnes and Albert Lazzarini / Sally and Chris Datwyler

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Bookmark contest winners for 2021

Max Lee / Fan Wu / Valerie Kuo / Elise Fong / Ruby Tang / Katherine Gutierrez


Thank you to the sponsors of the San Marino Public Foundation bookmark contest