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Welcome to the San Marino Public Library Foundation homepage

Supporting the library since 1995

Thank you for joining us for Trivia Night Fever.

We hope you had a great time.  See you in the library soon.

Remember, proceeds support the Crowell Public Library.


Platinum Level

Tina Siu, DDS and Winston Chee, DDS / Lois Derry

Don and Gabriela Crowell / Mary Hsu / In Honor of Andrew King

Gold Level

Susan and Thomas Maxwell / Debra and Alfredo Sadun

Linda Hui and Hal Suetsugu / Alan Chen and Yvonne Cheng

Silver Level

Jim and Julie Barbour / Team Janice Lee / Lora O. Smith

English with Mary 91108 / Lisa and David Wang

Chinese American Cancer Foundation

Bronze Level

Wendy and Jay Wintrob / Anne Blecksmith and Pierpaolo Granata / The Chon Family

Kyle and Qing Duncan / Judith M. Henderson / Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Mike Romey

Diane Lam and David Omori / Michael and Alexandra Brousseau / Jennifer Chen and Eric Chang Alison and Erik Moller / Po-Chi Lin / Paul and Sue Kim / The UPS Store

Michael and Linda Tang / Michael and Liz Hollingsworth / Anonymous / Steve and Karla Domier Jasmin and Tony Tsai / Wendy Hsu and Calvin Lo / Gloria and Victor Wong

Michelle Wang and David Chen / Lisa and David Link

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger / Nancy Lee and Stephen Ma

Lucy Zhang, Yu Hu and Mei Zhang / Luyi Khasi and Shawn Chou


Rary Simmons / Susan Josenhans / William and Barbara Hanna

John and Mary Erickson / Jane Chon / Anna Regalado

David and Monica Walsh / Paul and Annie Brassard / Anna Ganahi

Emily Wong / Denise Grab / Emile J. and Lyle M. Bayle / Perry and Terri Sheafor

TieuMy Nguyen / Joyce Lin / Sandra Chen / Jennifer Kang / Anne Falk

Joyce Li / Taylor Sadun / Eve Wang / Jeanie Caldwell

Arax Mansourian / Susan Brauneiss / Parul Rastogi

Christine and Ken Bender / Nicholas and Maria Kokoris / Madhu Agarwal

Richard and Carolyn George / Martha McInnes and Albert Lazzarini

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Bookmark contest winners for 2021

Max Lee / Fan Wu / Valerie Kuo / Elise Fong / Ruby Tang / Katherine Gutierrez


Thank you to the sponsors of the San Marino Public Foundation bookmark contest